Hot Dip Galvanized Steel (GI)

Galvalume (GL)

EGI Electro-galvanized Steel (EGI)

Cold Rolled (CR)

Hot-Rolled (HR)

Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel

Non-Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel

EGI Electro-galvanized Steel

Electro-galvanized steel sheets are produced by applying zinc to the surface of hot-rolled or cold-rolled base material by electroplating.  The surface is smooth and attractive, and the product has the same formability and weldability as the base material. Corrosion resistance, lubricity, and other properties are improved by applying various conversion treatments to the surface to meet diverse customer needs.

Usage : Auto bodies, bus bodies, refrigerator parts, air-conditioner parts, oil filter body, steel drums and etc. (good for any painting applicable)